clarinets made with passion

clarinet making in Karlsruhe

Johanna Kronthaler has dedicated herself for many years to the making of finest clarinets. Together with her husband, Dr. Otto Kronthaler, she has focussed on the development and perfection of  these instruments. Johanna's passion as well as her years of experience and knowledge of making clarinets form the basis of her skills. Each clarinet is a hand-crafted masterpiece, combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative ideas. An instrument perfectly suited to each individual musician’s desires.


hand-crafted in Karlsruhe

Johanna Kronthaler

Meisterwerkstätte für Klarinettenbau

Yorckstraße 36, 76185 Karlsruhe, Deutschland

Tel.: +49-(0)721-9213577 (Mo-Do: 14-17 Uhr, bzw. AB)