What do Kronthaler Clarinets cost?

  • Because of the number of orders and the resulting waiting time, we are unable to say exactly what the clarinets will cost at the time that they are finished. We would like advise customers that the price of finished clarinets are based on the price lists at the time of completion. Customers who order clarinets are offered the chance to withdraw their order in writing within 14 days of seeing the price list at the time of completion. The current price lists are available on request via email.

How long do I have to wait for my Clarinet?

  • Wating times for A and Bb Clarinets are roughly 5 years and for CD and Eb Clarinets 3.4 years. Please be aware that these figures are approximate and not guaranteed. For Boehm Clarinets and Bass Clarinets we are unable to take any more orders due to the great demand.

How do the clarinets with German or Viennese bores differ?

  • Our german-bore clarinets (14.6/14.8) are generally finished with a Oehler mechanics. Our Viennese/bore clarinets are finished with a six ring system.

If I move from the German bore to the Viennese bore, can I still play my mouthpiece?

  • We recommend that you change your mouthpiece too. The inner measuremensts of the mouthpieces aren’t compatible with the measuremensts of the Viennese clarinets and vice versa, making it impossible to intonate.

I am currently playing on a Boehm mouthpiece. Would this work on a German or Viennese Kronthaler Clarinet?

  • We recommend that you change your mouthpiece too. We go to great lengths to secure optimal intonation on our instruments. The internal bore of the Boehm mouthpiece isn’t designed for German or Viennese clarinets, so you would have to accept that the intonation wouldn’t be optimal. We can help to improve the set up a certain extent, be a perfect result is unlikely.

I am used to the Oehler key system but would like to change to a Viennese bore. Do you also make Viennese clarinets with the Oehler system?

  • We can custom make Viennese clarinets with the Oehler system, but only if the customer waives their rights to return the instument within the 14 day period mentioned above and guarantees that the instrument will be purchased.

I am interested in your clarinets. What is the procedure?

  • Please inform us of your interest via email and include all of your contact details. Owing to the waiting times for an appointment to try our instruments, it is standard procedure that customers order clarinets in writing without the obligation to buy them afterwards.  After you have attended an appointment to test the clarinets, you have the option to confirm your order or cancel it. In our test studio in Durlach, we offer the chance to try all of our models and see if and which models suit you. We are more that willing to assist you during your test, should you wish.
  • If you decide to confirm you order, we will make a note of your contact details and personal wishes. You will receive a written confirmation of your order and after 4/5 years we will contact you to say that your clarinet is almost finished and ready for an initial test. We will arrange a test appointment with you, at which point you can decide whether you want us to finish the clarinet to suit you or not.
  • Should you confirm that you want us to finish the clarinet for you, we would fine tune the instrument to suit the sound, response, intonation, key work, barrel measurements etc. that you require. From this point onwards, the contract is binding. Within the first month of sale, we are prepared to swap the barrels with new ones, should you be unhappy with the length of the ones that we selected for your instrument.

When do I have to pay for the clarinets? Is a retainer required?

  • Should you decide to buy the clarinets at the test appointment, we require a payment of 70% of the gross price within 10 days. 
  • Generally the clarinets are finished within 1-2 months of the initial payment. The final 30% is required before the collection of the finished clarinets.

Can I order a case from you?

  • Yes, should you wish to purchase a case from us then please let us know at the test appointment.

When will the instruments need their first overhaul?

  • The annual oil bath over the first 3 years is extremely important. All that is required is that we take off the keywork, bathe the wood in oil, clean the mechanics, change any damaged cork and make any necessary regulations.

Can a brand new clarinet be played directly after it is finished?

  • For the first 3-6 months brand new clarinets should be played for a maximum of 30-40 minutes at any one time.

Is it possible to change the order, for example from a German bore to a Viennese bore?

  • Yes, at the very latest you must decide this at the test appointment, as after this point the clarinets are finished to suit individual customers.
  • Should you wish to change from a German bore to a Viennese bore (or vice versa), there is a strong chance that your waiting time will be extended.

Is it possible to change the thumb rest of my Kronthaler clarinet after purchase.

  • Yes, for the „Koimann“ model, we charge 120€ net per thumb rest for each clarinet, for example.

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